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*L@zeR*G@zeRz*.tumblr.com Ive been spending most of my time there lately. I may just delete this wordpress, as I’ve found a free hosting service for a wordpress.org site which offers many more features than the .com counterpart.




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Dan Deacon & Liam Lynch – Drinking Out of Cups

The story goes like this; Some dude (Possibly Dan Deacon) is wasted on some sort of hallucinogen, he’s in a closet, & he’s rambling this shit off, stream-of-consciousness styley. If it is actually the “Dan Deacon” on the clip it may interest you to know who exactly Dan Deacon is… I Believe he’s a DJ or something like it, popular in the “too-cool-for-ur-school” (<-not too cool for “poop brown“=) hipster social circles (or so Ive been told.)

Dan Deacon or not this shit is HILARIOUS!


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Alex Grey COSM (Church of Sacred Mirrors)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m a Huge fan of Alex Grey’s work! He’s such a beautiful being and inspired artist! An artist who’s enlightened with the divine spark of creation.this film focuses around his gallery in NYC, and it’s worth the hour and however many minutes… I Promise!I wish very much that Mr.Grey would open the doors to a “socal” gallery. I’m sure he has many fans here. Even if you’ve never heard of Alex Grey; you would recognize his work if you’re familiar with the Rock act “Tool”. He’s provided artwork for many of the bands ventures including the album art for a couple of their full length LPs.

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Phish Detroit 09′ poster… So new it’s dripping wet!

Official Poster – 11/18/09 – Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI
Poster by Methane Studios © Phish 2009.

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The Grateful Dead – “Wake of the flood” Sessions (Acoustic Demo)

Weather Report Suite-Acoustic  by  *L@zeR*G@zeRz*

Bob Weir~ “Weather Report Suite” [Acoustic Studio Demo]

Bobby Wier (of The Grateful Dead) Playing “Weather Report Suite” Before it was “Weather Report Suite”! There No Lyrics Yet, But the Arrangement is complete, and Gorgeously Performed.

I Love this sooo Much that I had to Share it.

Go Out and buy the remastered “Wake of the Flood” (its on there as a bonus track) I’m Sure ‘The Grateful Dead’ won’t mind me posting this (considering their loose trading policy).

Finally, I Just want to say Thank you To Mr.Weir… for a lifetime of inspiration, and for all the exposure to the Divine creative Flow you have extended to & through me my entire life!

Thank God For “The Grateful Dead”!

Bob Weir (Press Photo)

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If the Goal is Truly Ascension; Why Were we Made to Forget? “Speculative Ramblings”

The search for a spiritual “connection” (it seems), I’ve come to discover (rather quickly) becomes in essence; A search for whatever created us and why. This “everyday life” trapped within the incarnation cycle of the earth can be extremely monotanous, even depressing.

Not truly being your “real self” (having concious contact with the “higher self”) can be expierenced as super sad & also can be very difficult to “Fix”.
Being that many humans are not too sure who “I” really is! “I” Meaning; The “Dimensional Being” “I” that existed before this particular “vessel” (in my case: James) was born into life on Earth, and of course, the “I” that will still exist when “James” the organic vessel is finally “recycled”.
Often A question such as “who are you really” can stir up very different reactions from people. Some will think it’s a silly question and they will list all of their “Earthly obligations ” along with projected personality systems/”traits” which they themselves (and also other “forces” human & otherwise) have helped to nurture into living things (i.e: addictions, fears & other such manifestations) created and (again) nurtured mainly by our own devices.

—Very quickly- If you’re not familier with some of these terms… Go Google: astral travel/layers, OBE, dimensional beings, & akashic records—

I wonder if dimensions such as akashic records, and astral matter layers are simply; Us as “lightbody” travelers accesing the “mainframe” computer (so to speak) that’s actually running the “earth mans universe application” ! Through a sort of “glitch” (if you will) in our design. What if the “trance state” and other such methods of access to our forgotten “dimensional being attributes” are actually an unforseen “free radical” phenomenom… unforseen that is; by the creators of the “human vessel”.

Through envoking a trance state (I like to say “Zone”) —via all sorts of methods, including but not limited to; drugs, meditation, breathing techniqes , dancing, chanting, etc— Over many life cycles here in the Earth plain humanity has been making the Glitch or “loophole” easier and easier to “remember”

Robert Bruces Brilliant explaination for the “Akashic Pulse” can lend itself to this theory (or something similarm) nicely. Go Google “Akashic Pulse” and see what I mean; it seems while sleeping humans occasionally have their lightbody breathed out of their vessel and into the akashic feild for a sort of “automatic update/dowload/upload” and then of course returned to the body in one BIG breath or “Pulse”. This phenomanom has been conciously expeirenced by many many a-traveler. Though the exact explaination is up for debate Alot of folks agree Robert Bruces “Akashic Pulse” explaination feels/seems about right.
Point being; the Akashic Pulse theory gives us an established expeirence to draw similarities, between our “computer / networking technology” and The “creators'” “technology”

The fact that “it” wipes our memory of life completly every re-incarnation could possibly be a sign of… what?
Well, Human Beings potentially can learn a ton in a single lifetime on Earth. So… If our goal is truly ascension… If that’s really Gods plan for our evolution… If Earth in this “Density” is truly (as some theorize) a “school for souls”; wouldn’t it make more sence to allow us to the lessons we’ve learned in previous incarnations? Or better yet; an anate abaility to access the akashic records built into our DNA or something to aid in our “remembering”. I can understand if you must Forget do to being born into a new vessel (Human Baby) and therefore must Deal With a “Reset” Organic Brain, but if the creators truly wanted us to figure out this whole thing (& ascend) they’d have made Inter-dimensional travel a common ability (since we cannot retain memories do to the birthing process, that would certainly do the trick!)

So maybe, just maybe… They actually never wanted us to find any of it! Maybe In their perfect world we wouldnt have access to lightbody conciousness. That being said, maybe our creators’ creators have different plans for us… thus “the glitch”???!!!???!???

In conclusion I want to say that I don’t necessarily fully Believe in this theory. This blog post is simply hypothesis & speculation. The process of meditation, exploration, speculation, and verbalization is; I believe a super way therapeutic way to keep myself, in this life, cruising down a beneficial spiritually-oriented path.

In the same sence that; If a person spends alot time conciously thinking / fantasizing about sex; their subconcious mind will likely be guiding/driving them around with sex as a major motivator (not a very good thing BTW =)

Till next time…


—The artist formerly known as HaZe
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Why are Some People Assholes? [Politics, Mass-Media, Mass-Conciousness, Mass-Murder & a Massive Headache]

What’s really on my mind this morning are things that bother me about some human behavior; the spectrum of suffering ranging from seemingly complete carelessness to near neurotic fear of death that, I believe goes along with being disconected from concious interaction with the oneness or collective soul, light power, God, or whatever you may call the connectivity aquired through spiritual practice (dance, meditation, trance, yoga, lightwork, mantra, etc.)

The gross actions of so many “crazed” humans! My thinking here includes murders and brutal gang violence, but really what gets me is everyday rudeness, and judgments passed onto strangers by other strangers!

My frustration occasionaly rises because it can sometimes feel like a very large majority of people on earth are still “disconnected” beings, and also seemingly not trying very hard to fix that.
Do they care ? How can someone care about something if they don’t know about it? Here is a great argument for meditation and mantra to be taught in public schools from a young age.

I belive they must be he lost, and unaware of the majesty that we all truly posses, They have to be! Or in denial, either way. There’s is no way a human could preverbally “drink from the endless cup of creation”(so to speak) without realizing how connected we all are and how small and vulnerable our world really is (especially to our own pillaging of Her.)

To a person like me and many of my friends it seems so obvious and simple. We are all human beings; Kings among Kings, all this national pride, and white pride, and even black pride for that matter is Bogus! Human LOVE! Forget Pride! Pride is a very Flawed emotion! It’s Love! that’s what we need, and it seems so obvious (to me)

I mean come on! The beatles created a mantra with “all you need is love” in the 60s, and here we are so many years later allowing ourselves to be victims of more and more oppression, censorship, and police tyraney then ever before! Much under the veil of safety, patriotism, and Fear.

The frustration for me is Mainly Mass-Media, Politics, and the BiG one… Disconnected Humans not caring! Now I realize the contradiction here… You may say I’m judging particular people or whatever, but there’s always a big karmic difference between judging a stranger on their physical appearence and judging a person on their obvious actions and the way they cunduct themselves.

For example; the craziness in East Los Angeles last night after a Lakers victory. If you haven’t seenbthis footage yet it was completly disgusting… Mobs of people bum-rushing innocent motorists at stoplights and bouncing their cars side to side violently in attempt to flip them!
CAN YOU BELIVE THAT! WTF is with people?

Now I could never see myself or ANY of my friends doing something like that! It’s outrageous!

Now I truly belive this could never happen in a “mob” full of meditators 🙂

That’s one example.

Another example of disconnected behavior that frustrates me is simply people being mean to eachother. Why are some people just mean for the sake of being that way? Shouldn’t we all want to make an effort towards peace with our neighbors? especially since children seem to pick-up on, then almost “amplify” cruelty into their own interactions.

Media, and Politics are truly a culprit in all this. Obviously there’s is enough of everything for everyone, if only the mass media and politicians (who shape the “mass-conciousness”) would stop throwing stigmatized words around like “socialist” (negative stigma created by and nurtured through them.)

This is in no way a conspiracy blog, really I’m spouting frustration mostly born out of living in an important time for all being in the entire everything (I’m not complaining)! We are all privy to activly take part in the amazing mysterious events unfolding in and around us. All we have to do is begin to think about wanting it.

Thanks for hanging in there!

I love you, even if u refuse to connect 🙂
someday, someday! The dreamer is the real you.

Love and light till next time,

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Fifteen Billiion years ago,

Before the beginning,
In the Studio of Eternity
There was a blank canvas,
Pregnant with the possibilty of Everything.
Our Collective Being,
The Divine Artist-the Creator God,
Aching to express, to exist,
Exploded itself/ourself into a cascade of lightselves.
A cosmic orgasm
Big-banged us into creation,
Perfect in ratios, rhythms, and forms.
The Universe is a storm of light emerging,
Ever birthing, ever dying
Plasma selves, atom selves, molecular selves, cell selves,
Conscious lumps of DNA.
Ascending selves scaling evolving chains of Being.
Souls inside brightening,
Hardening into botanical and biological bodies.
Plant self, animal self,
Myself, yourself, ourselves,
Family Selves, city self, nation self,
An earth full of eyes sees everything on earth
And we are that!
Planet self, star self, galactic self,
Self as galactic cluster,
Self as entire web of Cosmos
With amnesia.
Our current artistic dilemma is to wake up
To the truth that we are the One Godself,
Creating the Universe-Every day.
Alex Grey, from “Art Psalms”

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Regarding "Astral Dynamics" By Robert Bruce

Just got it at B&N’s… When I pick it up I don’t put it down! Lots of information in there! Its a very THICK Book, But really easy to absorb / comprehend especially for such a complex subject matter. The author is on youtube. I would recommend anyone check this stuff out and learn to unlock your full potential! No more feeling Bored, or depressed, Once you really delve into Astral Dynamics, and Meditation from then on your on a Mission, with real purpose, full of more Fun, Mystery, & Ecstasy then ever imagined possible, For Real! And… All the answers, every experience ever experienced in the universe are available for us to experience fully! Go Google Akashic Records!

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Abbey Road Studios

Abbey road’s Guitars (thanks b 2: Adam Duritz)

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